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“A huge amount of energy is wasted by modern people in opposing their own situation. Opposition is something like a short circuit: it also drains our energy away like a haemorrhage. To transform opposition into paradox is to allow both sides of an issue, both pairs of opposites to exist in equal dignity and worth” - Robert A. Johnson


Using rituals. mythology, psychology and pop culture Eleanor and Courtney create work from a very similar place with the end results showing the vastness of how we all interpret our internal and external worlds and create our own narratives. Amiradaki and Cook explore the concept of paradox and ritual being where an enquiry begins; can the oppositions we face in our daily personal lives and as a collective be restored to the realm of paradox? 

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Holding a Paintbrush
Clay Pot on Pottery Wheel
Artist Painting a Mural
Splattered Paint
Woman Painting
Wet Paintbrushes

©2019 by Eleanor Amiradaki